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Putsing and Merring

Hi! I'm Sara - I'm a 2009 Smith College graduate and a fan of the internet. I moved to Austin in 2009 but am originally from Massachusetts.

I like: food, funny things, animals, social change, the northeast, etc.

Sep 29 '14

Happy Mountain Day!

I will be thinking of all the naps I could be taking while pounding away at my keyboard today.

Sep 24 '14

It took about 5 seconds after I watched Emma Watson’s speech for a Smithie to post an article online about the flaws in the speech

We are always really, REALLY thinking about this shit.

Sep 20 '14

I’ve been in my apartment once since September 3rd

It feels so good to be home. Hello, bed! 

Sep 17 '14

When worlds collide

The lady who plays Cindy on OITNB was in 2 episodes of 30 Rock: one where she works at the office supplies store and one where she works at the marriage court. That character has 2 jobs! What a busy lady.

Aug 29 '14


Animals Waving Hello to You [boredpanda]

Previously: Perfectly Timed Dog Photos

Aug 24 '14

Working on work things on Sunday motivation

If I work now, I can eat pizza later. Come ooooooon.

Tags: work
Aug 16 '14

(Source: dtargaryen)

Aug 13 '14

Noooooooo I bought wine that doesn’t taste good

Dammit, HEB, get your shit together and get more good cheap wine.

Aug 9 '14

A trend

No one I know that works at a non-profit is dumping a bucket of ice on themselves. 

Aug 6 '14

Dear people on Facebook trying to do something good (I guess?)

If you dump a bucket of ice on yourself and say it’s in the name of eradicating ALS, and you want people to donate somewhere, please tell them where to donate. If I told you, “I want to end cancer, please donate!” there are approximately 5 bajillion non-profit orgs, hospitals, research groups, and universities that study cancer to which I could donate. Please be specific.