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Putsing and Merring

Hi! I'm Sara - I'm a 2009 Smith College graduate and a fan of the internet. I moved to Austin in 2009 but am originally from Massachusetts.

I like: food, funny things, animals, social change, the northeast, etc.

Apr 15 '14

(Source: caterpiii)

Apr 13 '14

This is why people hate you, Texas

No, citizen of Texas, the proper response to a news story about people being dead at a shooting at a Jewish CC is NOT, “It was over a penny?”

I would also love for people to stop murdering each other. 

Apr 11 '14

Reasons to love Once Upon a Time

It took me a while to realize this show is fairly family friendly. Oh, no one is making meth? No murder? No zombies? No office adultery? No nudity? Fancy that.

Apr 11 '14

Reasons to love Once Upon a Time

Almost all of the actors are from other shows. I can watch and yell, “omg it’s Claire from Lost!,” “omg it’s that bad guy from Lost!,” “omg it’s Hurley from Lost!” repeated so many times.

The latest yelling: “omg it’s the guy from Can’t Hardly Wait!”

Apr 10 '14
Apr 7 '14

Let me hide under the bed

There’s a thunderstorm starting and I just thought to myself, “well it’s kind of nice listening to the rain while I’m warm and dry inside.”

And then I looked out the window at the tree next to my room waving back and forth. Don’t you dare, mofo.

Apr 3 '14
Apr 3 '14

Unfollowing HIMYM blogs because of all the bitching


Apr 3 '14
Mar 30 '14

What I yell at the tv/Netflix

"It’s ok, Rumplestitskin, you run away from war! And your son! Fuck that shit!"